Monday, 16 March 2009

looking at colour schemes of St.Pancras

from the concept of St. Pancras Blue and also integrat with the modern architecture stlye.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Typeface Legibility for Older Viewers with Vision Problems

I got a very useful informations about how typography impact the older viewer who is experiencing vision problems typical to that age group? Are certain typefaces more suitable to the aging eye? 

Monday, 9 March 2009

Foreign users and visitors

Language is the cornerstone of every signage system. Architects often claim that the facilities they have designed will speak for themselves. That might very well have been the intention; how ever, inmost cases, there will be a huge language' they use is only comprehensible to their closest colleagues. Nobody else really understands it. Ultimately the building will have an entirely differently present in the design and construction phase of the project.

Illiterate or foreign users might not completely understand the language used on signs. Research has revealed that this group of users do still use, in some way or other, the written information on sign. A simple written coding system can be understood by most, despite illiteracy or unfamoliarity with a certain language Pictograms try to overcome the limitations of ileracy and langauge. This claim is only true for pictigrams that users have become familiar with. like men's and ladies toilets, phones, wheel chair entrances and information counters.

2.   Visitores, especially first-time visitors, generally have a little knowledge about the environment. They are for the most part entirely relying on the signage to find their way around. General facilities, such as toilets, wasrooms, phones and cloakrooms, should also be made easy to fins for visitors
[signage design manual, Edo Smitshuijzen, Lars Muller Publishers, 2007]

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

type area

by laying out two main line of letters to gives the line spacing. The distance between the letters and the top of the sign will be correct automatically.
[ref. signage systems and information graphics, Andreas Uebele, Thames & Hudson,2007,Lomdon]

Monday, 2 March 2009

mapping down

In order to find the concept throughout the design I have to summarize all of information’s and researches that I have been done since PGC. Playing with information and find the key idea to become a design concept. From my researches I thought that how design can represent the identity of the place by using colour or materials etc. I began to link between the history of St. Pancras and the image of the station nowadays which is very modern train station in the world. I m finding a gap between old and new style, how these can be my concept.