Tuesday, 26 May 2009

follow up how become to final design

I sat down again and was looking at my work, re-thinking how it going to be a final piece!!! 
following from the book call visualizing research and my own idea, that I have to do.

1. Looking at Type and typography by creating a chart with the selection of typefaces to be used, together with all specification, like size, word and letter spacing, positive and negative spaces and typography details.

2. Materials to be used by making a chart with samples of all the basic materials to be used

3. Selection of colours. creating a chart of colours are available to be used on typface and find the best one, also the concept behide the colour selection can be shown with a chart as well. 

4. Layout with samples of each layout.

5. Symbols, Pictograms. A chart with an overview of all the art work.

6. Position of signs in elevation with the standard heights of all architecture elements.


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